Alley Classic


QCC Alley Classic 2019

Just like to give a huge shoutout and Congratulations to all our Alley surfers who competed in the QCC Alley Classic on the weekend. Mia 3rd in her heat, Dia 3rd in his heat, Oscar Quarter finals finnish, Will Semi finals finnish and Jade 2nd in the Finals. Great...

Congrats to previous years winners of the Alley Classic

2019 Thomas  Woods                           Ellie  Brooks

2018 Jordin Watson                             Ren Hashimoto

2017 James Woods

2016 Thomas Woods
2015 Nick Vasicek
2014 Thomas Woods
2013 Mitch Crews
2012 Lincoln Taylor
2011 Clint Kimmins
2010 Corey Ziems
2009 Shaun Gossman
2008 Luke Dorrington
2007 Corey Ziems
2006 Dave Reardon-Smith
2005 Damon Harvey
2004 Adriano De Souza
2003 Mark Richardson
2002 Luke Munro
2001 Yerin Brown
2000 Mark Richardson
1999 Grant Frost
1998 Joel Parkinson
1997 Mark Richardson