I would like to acknowledge and thank the members who have supported and followed the government guidelines to help slow the spread of COVID19. It’s been great to see our members and families surfing the breaks at Palm Beach and Currumbin throughout this crisis. It is also important to remember that any gathering of people or any travel that is not essential is not permitted. Most beaches are clearly signed with the guidelines so let’s all do the right thing and go for a surf and then leave and go home (exercise), do not meet up with people, observe social distancing, even in the water and help slow the spread. Any behaviour or activity that attracts attention to yourself or other club members will not be supported as it risks the full closure of our beaches and the reputation of the club. If such behaviour is brought to the attention of the committee it then becomes a club matter that will be dealt with so please do the right thing by your club and the broader surfing community. We are all in this together so stay safe and take care. Keep an eye on our website and social media for our next exciting activity to help us all at home