Name:  Darren Simondson       (Snapps)

Age:  52

What age did you start Surfing:  16

Other Interests:  Sk8ing, Photography, Camping/Adventures

Favourite Foods:  Lamb Shanks

Surfing Hero’s:  Mick Fanning,MP and Steph Gilmore

Sponsors:  None                

Do you have a Coach:  No

Favourite Surf Spot:   Alley, Snapper and Trestles

Favourite Surfing Manoeuvre:  Long  carves, tubes

Favourite Music:  Cold Chisel, INXS, Divinyls, Fleetwood Mac

Have  Your  Say: Surf & sk8 for life.     You don’t give it up cause you get old……..You get old cause you give it up.