Thanks to all our members for todays comp.
First whole club comp of 2024 (2nd for the Men’s Opens, Masters, Legends)
Congrats to all who competed it was challenging conditions, but we were thrilled to surf the point for the first time in many years. Made for great surfing.

Go Alley

Under 8’s
1st Koa Morrison
2nd Will Macefield
3rd Cove Durbidge

Under 10 Girls
1st Cleo Glore

Under 10 Boys
1st Jett Clarke
2nd Know Holmes

Under 12 girls
1st Sage Fleming
2nd Nyla Mathies

Under 12 Boys
1st Tully Crompton
2nd Axel Peach
3rd Brooklyn harders
4th Nixon Clark
5th Noah Klages
6th Alfie Howes

Under 14 girls
1st Navah holmes
2nd Lunan matthies
3rd Amelia Craike
4th Lila Towill

Under 14 Boys
1st Tully Crompton
2nd Ashton Flanagan
3rd Brax Waters
4th Brooklyn Harders

Under 16 boys
1ts Diego Riva
2nd Archie Moulder
3rd Zion Klages
4th Cruzz Colles
5th Koby Towill
6th Gabriel Cuic

Junior Girls
1st Kanon Takahashi
2nd Karin Takahashi
3rd Luna Piazza
4th Gidget Kowalski

Junior Boys
1st Zane Glore
2nd Jay Riley
3rd Shey Halford
4th Diego Riva

Open Men
1st Will Morrison
2nd Zane Glore
3rd Jade Riley
4th Jarrod Craike

Open Womens
1st Luna Piazza
2nd Kanon Takahashi
3rd Gidget kowalski
4th Karin Takahashi

Masters Men
1st Lucas Towill
2nd Jason Glore
3rd Aaron Macefield
4th Matthew Riley

Masters Ladies
1st Beth Puddy
2nd Melissa Glore

Lengends Men
1st Trev Webber
2nd Andrzej Kowalski