Age Divisions

Age is determined in the year from 1st January to 31st December, at the commencement of the season. For example, a member who is:
– 10 years and turning 11 years within the dates registers as an U12 for the season.
– 17 years and turning 18 years within the dates registers as an U 18 for the season.



U/8s                    -Parent Assist
Under 10s           10 Years and Under
Micro Groms       12 Years and Under
Cadets                 15 Years and Under
Juniors                18 Years and Under
Opens                 Open age
Masters               35 Years and over
Legends              50 Years and over

(Each surfer is Limited to 2 Divisions Only)

Membership  Fees

* Coaching Fees have been added to this years membership and will be $60 per child for the year

(MUST be paid before surfing their First Club Round Division)

Parent Assist      $100.00 or $160.00 with Coaching
Micro Groms      $100.00 or $160.00 with Coaching
Cadets                $100.00 or $160.00 with Coaching
Juniors                $100.00 or $160.00 with Coaching
Opens                 $100.00 or $160.00 with Coaching
Women’s            $100.00 or $160.00 with Coaching
Masters              $100.00
Legends             $100.00

Family $250.00 or $320.00 with Coaching
Family membership applies for up to six (6) direct members of the same single family unit. Each family member must register in one (1) of the above divisions.

Social Member $60.00 A Social member will receive a sticker, Alley T-shirt and the use of the Alley Boardriders amenities upon request approval

Model Rules for Alley Boardriders Members

–  All surfers competing in Club Round Divisions Must be a fully paid Alley Boardriders Club member before or on the day of Competition.

  All members must attend at least one(1) general meeting during the Calendar year or send their apologies for their absence.

  All members must attend at least one(1) Fundraising Event during the Calendar year or send their apologies for their absence.

  All members must show Respect to all other club members and members of the Community in and out of the water at all times.

  All members are to wear their club colours when competing and/or supporting Alley Boardriders at Interclub Events, Competitions and Fundraising Events.

  All members must help with the setting up/ Judging of Heats and packing up/Cleaning up of all the clubs facilities at Club Contest Rounds.

–  The Contest Directors/Head judge will inform the committee of All  disputes during a Club Contest Round and the Head Judge has the Final say in  Any  dispute during a Club Contest Round.

  If any club member has any problems or disputes, it can be brought up at a general meeting or in writing to the committee through the Alley Boardriders email address.        (

  All children under 12 years old Must have parent supervision during Contest Events and coaching clinics at all times.

Club members will NEVER bring the ALLEY BOARDRIDERS name into Disrepute.

– Failure to keep to the Clubs expectations could result in expulsion from the Club.