Name:  Oscar  Berry

Age:  15

What age did you start Surfing:  4  But  not  seriously  till  11

Other Interests:  Skating  and  Chilling

Favourite Foods:  Pasta  for  sure

Surfing Hero’s:  Laurie  Towner….. he  is  god

Sponsors:  Hurley, Oakley, Sunbum, Dahlberg  Surfboards  and  Holistic  Trainer  Oz               

Do you have a Coach:  Tim  Macdonald

Favourite Surf Spot:   ALL  the  places  at  home

Favourite Surfing Manoeuvre:  Airs  &  Barrels

Favourite Music:  Rap

Have  Your  Say:  I  just  want  to  surf  until  I  can’t  anymore