Rating System

Points Rating System

When you compete in club rounds you earn points that go towards your rating.

No matter how good or bad you go you still earn points.
At the end of the year we award trophies and prizes to the winners and highly rated competitors at the end of year presentation.

Clubrounds – Best 4 results

Club rounds are when you surf in your Division.
This year we will be running up to 8 Division Club rounds (if conditions allow) and one championship round open to all current & past members.

Your best 4 results are then added together to get the winners of the age groups for the year.

Anyone of any age can take out the club championship for the year with great prizes and money up for grabs.

1st – 1000
2nd – 860
3rd – 730
4th – 670
5th – 610
6th – 583
7th – 555
8th – 528
9th – 500
10th – 488 and so on!!!

The spreadsheet above has the latest ratings

There will be 2 numbers next to your name.
The first one is the place you came in the last clubround and the other is for your total points.

As explained previously, your best 4 results will added together to get your ratings for the end of the year.

Good Luck!!!

Keep your eyes on this page after each club round and check out the results